The Yoga Practice Yin Yoga is a slow-paced Yoga Asana practice which induces deep-body relaxation and emphasises stillness, release and awareness.
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Yin Yoga - The Practice  Yin Yoga uses long-held relaxed floor postures that seek to stretch, stimulate and create fluidity in the deep connective tissues, fascia, tendons and ligaments, and encourage a healthy flow of life-force in the body.  Regular practise of this simple and direct method will act as a natural pain reliever, posture corrector and beautifier. It will help fight degenerative dis-ease, arthritis, and back-ache as well as slow down the ageing process. Perhaps most importantly of all, it will stimulate perception, willpower, and the quality and joy of life in a uniquely healthful and holistic way. Open to both beginners and to those with more experience, this slow-paced distinctive Hatha Yoga practice is accessible to all. Correctly applied, Yin postures are particularly good at affecting targeted body tissues in a therapeutic and beneficial manner, while at the same time the mind- set of relaxed attention and being present during Yin posture practice, can be remarkably effective at settling and centring an over-active and/or unsettled mind. /
with Mike Morris
Yin Yoga is a very deep, still and quiet practice. But don’t for a moment let that stillness and quietness fool you. For within the apparent stillness of Yin postures, profound and vibrant transformations are taking place.
Be Present Resting as Awareness
The Knowing ‘Ever Present’ Self
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